Summer wishlist

I have been looking forward to summer all year, but once May came around, I started my countdown. School is in its last full week currently and all my classes are winding down. My down time has mostly been spent on pinterest and online window shopping, giving me tons of cute outfit ideas and remindingContinue reading “Summer wishlist”

Spring wishlist

Spring is absolutely my favorite season. I love spending time outdoors whether its hiking, picnicking, or doing a photo shoot! As the warm weather rolls in i’ve been looking to spend some of my birthday money on some new stuff. Like most spring fanatics, i’m obsessed with pastels, plus the colors of the year (roseContinue reading “Spring wishlist”

Wishlist of things I can’t afford

The holidays are coming up and my Hanukkah list is getting longer by the minute. While most people only make on list, I make two…but one is of all things I can’t afford. Sounds dumb right? Wrong, it’s fun and liberating to make a list of wonderful objects that you would use in your dreamContinue reading “Wishlist of things I can’t afford”