Liquid Matte Lipstick

Happy November readers!! One of my favorite party looks is accentuating my lips.  There are so many different kinds of lip products to experiment with: gloss, liner, plump, stain, lipstick, and more. Over the past year or so a new lip trend has been on the rise, liquid matte lipstick: an all day stay lipstickContinue reading “Liquid Matte Lipstick”

Citrus brush cleaner review 

After mentioning this brush cleaner in a bunch of other posts, I finally got around to doing my review! This product is so great and I am so happy I purchased it. Applying: Take the bottle and spray like once or twice on an old washcloth. Rub the brushed bristles in it in a circularContinue reading “Citrus brush cleaner review “

Prom Hair and Makeup

This past week was Sarah’s prom (yay!) and I had the honor of doing her hair and makeup. Sarah asked me to do a heart braid on her hair.  It’s a fairly easy braid.  If I had more time I would have parted her hair correctly but it didn’t turn out bad at all.  AfterContinue reading “Prom Hair and Makeup”

Shopping  haul

Since I got my job at the mall, I now spend excessive time at there, and since I have money now I feel the need to spend it haha. The things I bought were mostly things I needed though, plus I used gift-cards and coupons so woo! Ulta I actually bought from the beauty steals saleContinue reading “Shopping  haul”

Sephora Haul

So anyone who knows me (Sarah can attest to this) I am addicted to Sephora, and really makeup in general.  It’s such a bad addiction so I have to steer clear of that store in the mall. Over the last month or so I have some new additions to my growing makeup collection. In veryContinue reading “Sephora Haul”

Holiday Shopping 2015 Part 1

Hi readers! Sorry it’s been forever since my last post. Short story: school basically took over my life (thanks ACTs and papers!!). Now I’m on break so expect a ton on fun holiday posts 😊😊 As most beauty addicts know the holidays are death for us. The amount of times I’ve walked into Sephora toContinue reading “Holiday Shopping 2015 Part 1”