Prom Hair and Makeup

This past week was Sarah’s prom (yay!) and I had the honor of doing her hair and makeup. Sarah asked me to do a heart braid on her hair.  It’s a fairly easy braid.  If I had more time I would have parted her hair correctly but it didn’t turn out bad at all.  AfterContinue reading “Prom Hair and Makeup”

Shopping  haul

Since I got my job at the mall, I now spend excessive time at there, and since I have money now I feel the need to spend it haha. The things I bought were mostly things I needed though, plus I used gift-cards and coupons so woo! Ulta I actually bought from the beauty steals saleContinue reading “Shopping  haul”

Sephora Haul

So anyone who knows me (Sarah can attest to this) I am addicted to Sephora, and really makeup in general.  It’s such a bad addiction so I have to steer clear of that store in the mall. Over the last month or so I have some new additions to my growing makeup collection. In veryContinue reading “Sephora Haul”

L’Oréal Eyeliner Review

One of my all time favorite drugstore brands is L’Oréal .  I mostly buy there eyeliner, some of which I love and others that were disappointing.  The three eyeliner types I’ve used are from the Infallible collection, the Lineur Intense collection, and the Telescopic Precision collection. All three have similar tips for application but they work better for different kinds ofContinue reading “L’Oréal Eyeliner Review”