“Beauty hack”

I am a huge fan of rings. I wear 4-5 on my fingers on a daily basis. There are so many  places that sell the cutest rings, but I find that the cheaper metals always give me the same problem. If your ring isn’t made of real silver or gold and is made of someContinue reading ““Beauty hack””

My nightly skin routine

Night time when your skin regenerates and fixes itself naturally. It is super important to take advantage of this and use the right products before bed so your skin is able to breath and rejuvenate. For my nightly skin routine I have a couple favorite products I like to use. Makeup remover: So I useContinue reading “My nightly skin routine”

Beauty hack! 

My friend recently shared with me an awesome trick for keeping the pores on your legs small after shaving. It’s super easy and totally affective! 1. Turn the water on in the shower really hot so your pores open up. 2. Rub on exfoliater, leave it on and rub shaving cream on on top. 3.Continue reading “Beauty hack! “