Liquid Matte Lipstick

Happy November readers!!

One of my favorite party looks is accentuating my lips.  There are so many different kinds of lip products to experiment with: gloss, liner, plump, stain, lipstick, and more.

Over the past year or so a new lip trend has been on the rise, liquid matte lipstick: an all day stay lipstick full of color that doesn’t smudge.  Any makeup lover’s dream!

Many people know this trend through Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, which are incredibly difficult to get your hands on.  The set includes a lip liner and the tube of lipstick.  I’ve never tried this line of liquid matte but I’ve heard mixed reviews


Kylie Lip Kit in Posie K, $29USD


My go to for any makeup product is the holy grail of cosmetic stores, Sephora *insert heart eyes emoji*

A good 75% of the products I own are from Sephora, which just goes to show the high end quality products they sell in stores and online.

During a recent trip to the mall with my blogging bestie we had to hit up Sephora of course.  Like all other Sephora’s this one had a beauty bar, where they offer 15 minute services.  I’ve always wanted to try it but never had the opportunity too.  When I met with a consultant I asked for a liquid matte lipstick because I was curious as to what they were like.  I didn’t love the color I chose but I decided to be bold and pick a different color to buy.  I ended up chosing Baci by Stila, the first makeup brand I was ever introduced too.

A couple of weeks after my latest purchase I had the opportunity to put this product to use.  I had a family wedding out on Long Island and I figured this was the perfect time to take the liquid lipstick for a test run.  I usually tend to use lip colors in the pink family and I would describe Baci as a dusty pink color.

For the wedding I wore a heavily beaded navy dress, with gold and silver beads.  For the rest of my makeup look I wore my own version of a gold Smokey eye (minus the black on the outer corners of my eyes) something I don’t wear often, since I usually opt for silver tones over gold ones.  And then for the finishing touch I applied Baci.

One thing to note about applying liquid lipstick, it goes into every crevice in your lips.  Mine had been fairly dry lately so mine were a little cracked, and that showed with the lipstick.  Other than that I would definitely rate this product a 4.5 out of 5.  It went on smoothly and lasted from 11:30 until 5:30 after a day of eating and drinking, which definitely does not happen if you wear a regular lipstick.  My lips did feel a little dry but after fulling removing my makeup and using Clinique’s sugar scrub my lips felt rejuvenated.

Overall, I would 100% recommend liquid matte lipsticks to anyone.  It’s a good accent for a bold look, and while pink tones work for me maybe browns, or reds work for someone else.  If you’re looking for your perfect fall lip color, check out Elle’s story


Xoxo, Sarah E.

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