“Beauty hack”

I am a huge fan of rings. I wear 4-5 on my fingers on a daily basis. There are so many  places that sell the cutest rings, but I find that the cheaper metals always give me the same problem. If your ring isn’t made of real silver or gold and is made of some other sort of metal, it is guaranteed to become discolored and possibly make your finger green.

I bought this really cute ring at Garage and I’d been wanting to wear it, but I didn’t in fear of my finger turning green. Thus, I turned to the internet for a solution. Apparently all you have to do is paint the inside of your ring with clear nail polish so it is a “seal” between the metal and your finger.


The results

For the day it was ok! I checked in between every couple of periods in school and found my finger relatively unmarked. Then I washed my hands. Alas, my finger became tinted and the nail polish on the inside of the ring started to peel off! I was pretty disappointed with the results but I guess this is a message from the accessory gods to stop buying cheap rings.




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