Fall nail polish

The season is getting colder which means sweaters, scarves, darker colors, and deeper nail polishes! I am so excited to wear darker colors on my nails seeing as though most of my colors are dark anyway. I’m pretty pale so I also like how stark the contrast is from my nails to my actual fingers.

Essie is my all time favorite brand, they are a little pricey but the quality is so great. Every time I get my nails done I get an Essie color. That being said, I don’t own any Essie polishes, but this fall I want to change that for sure! Essie comes out with new collections all the time, and their fall one as per usual is great.

From left to right: mrs always-right, between the seat, sunshine state of mind, high class affair, pool side service, splash of grenadine

These are Essie’s latest additions to their permanent collection. They are all sort of dusty and a step up from pastel which I think is great for every season. Im not big into “sunshine state of mind” or “high class affair” but I “splash of grenadine” is beautiful.

From left to right: off the wall, the fuchsia of art, gallery gal, mark on miami, stencil my in, in it to wyn it

The “neon 2016” is so funky and electric. All the colors are young and fun and could totally add a cool pop of color to any outfit. These colors are definitely for the brave ones but with enough confidence, anyone could pull them off.

From left to right: Kimono-over, maki me happy, now and zen, go go geisha, udon know me, playing koi

And finally, the Fall 2016 line. I am obsessed with all these colors, I want all of them. They are all so sultry and dark, perfect for any fall day or night. I’m honestly considering buying the whole collection and I am praying that my Ulta has it in stock so I don’t have to order online.



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