Back to school week 1

Senior year has begun! I am so excited to embark on my last year of high school, and this 3 day week was just a preview for what is ahead. My main goal for this year is to win the senior superlative of “best dressed” in my yearbook. We had a short week this week but I got a bunch of compliments and I can’t wait to show my classmates more of my outfits.

It has gotten to a high of 90 F all week and my school is not air conditioned, so even though I was tempted to wear jeans, I chose not to in fear of heat stroke. Anyway, here are my first 3 days worth of outfits!

Day 1: I wore my school senior shirt, my favorite Levi’s high-waisted shorts, and my new nike sneakers.

Day 2: A white flowy tank from Kohl’s, plaid miny skirt from Tilly’s, and my new black high-top converse

Day 3: My dress that I thrifted from Buffalo Exchange, my black choker, and my high-tops again



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