Freeman’s facemask

Face masks are something I discovered in the days of middle school when any zit remedy available was good enough for me. I started with Freeman and since then have not changed brands because they’re so good! I do eventually think I’ll try making my own mask just for kicks, but for now I’ll stick to my go-to.

I get the chocolate &  strawberry scent because it smells so good! Th consistency is really smooth and thick, a small dollop goes a long way. I spread it all over my face and leave it on for about 10 minutes until my whole face is dry. Sometimes the time varies if you put it on unevenly, so I suggest waiting until everything is the same shade, but no part has started to crack yet.

Wiping it off is really easy, I just stick my face under the faucet to warm water and rub the mask off with my hands. My skin is left feeling really soft and smooth. I try to use this once a week to keep my pores small and to really cleanse my skin of bacteria.

You can find the product here or at Ulta. I think I tried the Avocado Oatmeal mask a while ago and liked the results but wasn’t thrilled with the scent. I’m almost done with this tube so I think I will buy one of another scent soon!

Me looking just beautiful with my face mask on




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