Shoe shopping 

Today I took a trip to the outlet mall near me to get some new sneakers before school starts. I currently own a pair of black converse that have lasted about 4 years and have definitely seen better days. As for my “sport” shoes (I use this term loosely as I don’t actually play sports) I own a pair of Reebok running shoes that I got at dsw a while ago. I wear them for gym class and when I hike…that’s about the extent of my “sporting”.

Lately all over instagram and style blogs, people have been sporting the “sneakers with everything” look. I personally love this because as much as I love sandals, flip flops, and toms, my feet just don’t like them. Sneakers are extremely practical and I love that brands are now coming out with some super stylish and practical looks!

Today I bought a new pair of black converse, though this time high tops. I love the look of them and I think they really amp up any outfit to a more edgy level. Converse don’t have the best support but for everyday in school they go perfectly with basically anything I wear.

Next I headed to the Nike store in hopes of finding a pair of sneakers that would encourage me to work out more…no such luck. I did find a pair that I really love which are not at all running sneakers, but extremely stylish. I was looking for black and white and I like the look of leather on sneakers rather than mesh which is what a lot of running sneakers are made with now. The pink tongue adds a little fun to the shoes but don’t stop them from also going with virtually anything I wear.



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