Ulta buys

As you may have realized by now, Ulta is my go-to place to shop makeup. They have so many good quality brands, including the fact that their makeup is great as well! I love Ulta brand products and was happy to expand my collection even more with their buy one get one free sale.

Double Duty wet and dry pressed powder foundation

This foundation is so great, I usually use loose powder foundation so I was excited to try something new. This comes with a cute sponge perfect for touch ups in the middle of the day. I got this in “medium” which is a shade darker than my actual skin color because it’s summer and I’m a little bit tanner.

Liquid liner in black pearl

I was a little disappointed in this product. Liquid is my favorite form  of liner because I find it the easiest and most versatile. For this product is was a brush sort of thing that had to be re-dipped into the liquid after not even finishing an entire line. It did not go on super smoothly but once I did get it on it looked pretty good. My only other complaint was that I thought this was straight black when instead it’s actually black with very pigmented silver sparkles. It is much better for a night look. 



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