Sleep no more 


I do not have enough words to describe this amazing, weird, riveting experience. Sleep no more is an immersive theater experience; meaning that the play of Macbeth is happening around you. You wander through rooms wearing a mask; it is completely silent. Around you, actors without masks act out scenes of the play through beautiful, expressive dances.

(not my pictures)

I went with a group of friends (there were a total of 4 of us, the smaller the better) but we all separated and went off on our own. You wander through the McKittrick hotel’s 5 floors going through hundreds of rooms exploring, looking through room items, and following characters through their scenes. It is eerie and weird but extremely extremely cool. The magic is that though at some points you are surrounded by a bunch of people it is always silent with only the 20’s jazz age music playing in the background. Plus, as soon as you are surrounded, you can turn a corner and be completely alone with only an eerie room full of secrets before you.

I absolutely loved everything about this experience. My friends had been before but this was my first time, they loved it just as much, if not more than the first time they went. Every time you go you will experience something new because the hotel is full of secrets (including a 6th floor!)  and the actors sometimes surprise the guests with “one on ones” or “missions”. I highly recommend doing this when you are next in NYC and you can read more about the event or people’s experiences in the link above.



P.s There is no photography allowed in the venue, which is why I have none/internet ones are shitty

P.P.S Sorry for all the lifestyle posts, I’ll be doing a beauty one soon!




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