SoHo Sunday

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting my two best friends in the city for a day of eating and shopping. It was such a blast spending time with them and walking around SoHo which, as many times as I have been to the city, I have never been! Thankfully, it was not super hot this weekend and though it was a little rainy, we managed through with cute umbrellas.


We started out having brunch at a great place called Balthazar. My friends and I decided to split an omelet with puff pastry, an egg on avocado toast, and some fruit salad.I totally forgot to save my picture of all the food, but here is a picture of my beautiful friend with our egg and pastry. Everything was delicious!

Next we hit up the streets of SoHo for some shopping, stopping in MAC, Marc Jacobs, LF sores, Zara, and TopShop to name a few. I only bought from TopShop, to spare my wallet any permanent damage, but the 2 shirts I bought are super cute!

Finally, we headed to the main event of our travels; Black Tap. I mentioned it here and it was everything I could have hoped for and more. We waited for about 45 mi, which I think is pretty good seeing as though there are no reservations and were seated at the bar. Together, my friends and I ordered 2 shakes and 2 burgers.We had one called The Cookie and some other one with chocolate and brownies. To go with them we had the “The Californian” and “The steak Au Poivre”.


I had such an amazing day with my girls and can’t wait for my next city adventure!




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