Summer solstice 

Happy Summer! Yesterday, the Summer Solstice occurred, and to celebrate I attended the Summer Solstice Yoga event in Timesquare. Fun fact this happens to be one of the first things I ever blogged about, so go me for one year!!! Check out my original post here! This year was extremely fun and filled with yoga, free stuff, and good food, just like the last.

The main sponsor this year was not Athleta like past years, but Gaiam. The yoga mats are given out at the even whether you sign up or not, and the bags filled with great swag are given out as well.

After our yoga class you were invited to wander into yoga village, a little section where all the sponsors advertise. I had never tried  Lorissa’s Kitchen jerky before, it was pretty salty and a little weird but I liked it. There was also Dunkin Donuts, a personal fave of mine so I was super excited to try their new berry smoothie, it was delish.

Casey and I had a great time together! We did take one of the gif pictures with the Timesquare Alliance company, but it didn’t send through to my email so I’m hoping to get it soon! You can find Casey here on Youtube.


After Yoga we were in need of some actual food so we looked to Yelp for help (hah rhymes). We never made it to our original destination, but instead found The city kitchen. We ordered delicious Mediterranean food from Box then finished off with Dough. Both were so so delicious and I was totally stuffed afterwards.

Our day was not over yet! We headed to Bryant park just to chill out and were pleasantly surprised to find out about the Bryant Park film festival. We were too late to find good seats on the grass, plus the movie didn’t start until 9pm, but we grabbed a flyer and took advantage of their free stuff! The photo booth was super cute and the roses being given out were the perfect way to end the day.





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