Summer goals

Summer is an opportunity to go crazy and take advantage of free time. I have a habit of sitting around wishing something will happen, rather than actually trying to make something happen. In an attempt to beat boredom I’ve come up with a list of goals to keep me busy these next few months.

Exercise/stretch daily

This should probably be a year-round goal for me, but I always push exercising to the side saying I’m too busy. Stretching is really important and can keep you toned and feeling good. Even just going for a walk around the block counts as exercise. I really want to take advantage of the beautiful weather so walking around town has been my go-to lately.

Go to Bryant park movie

As I mentioned in my Summer solstice post, my friend and I came across the Bryant park movie festival. The event is free, is sponcered by great companies, and can be enjoyed in the middle of beautiful Bryant Park. I’m a huge movie fan so I can’t wait to bring a bunch of my friends, a blanket, and some good food to this event!

College visits

My time in high school is coming to a close! It’s a little scary but I am so so very excited to go to college, so these visits are getting me even more pumped! There are a few colleges I know I want to visit but I know there are some out there that I haven’t even considered so I’m excited for those too.


Along with looking colleges, I have to have enough to get in. I want to major in fashion so a portfolio is needed for my acceptance. I’ve started gathering what I need, bu there’s still a lot for me to do and prepare for.

Eat fruit/veggies everyday

I will never be able to give up snack food, it’s just not possible for me. That being said, I know there needs to be a balance in my diet so I’ve made a deal with my self. For every snack food I eat, I will eat a fruit or veggie with it. I’m big on contrasting flavors so this so far has resulted in chips with strawberries and mini muffins with carrots. A little weird yes, but summer is such a good time for fresh fruit so it’s not exactly torture.

Learn to drive stick shift

This is my biggest goal of the summer! I got my license this January, and I absolutely love driving. I share a car with my mom though, so sometimes it’s annoying when I can’t go out because she needs the car. My sister has her own car, but it’s not automatic! If I learn to drive a stick I will definitely be able to go out more, plus I will look pretty cool in my sister’s sporty car rather than my mom’s mom mobile haha. I also think it’s necessary to know how to drive manual as well as automatic no matter where you live, because it teaches you to be more aware of the road and of your own driving skills.

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