Nail polish cleanse 

Nail polish is a fun way to add some color to your outfit and has turned into an awesome art form. Though I’ve never succeeded, I’ve tried many times to do cool nail patterns and designs. My lack of skill never stopped me from swooning over gorgeous colors and buying all sorts of cool looking bottles. Since I was little I have accumulated quite a collection of colors and brands of nail polish. The other day I was staring at my collection and thought “this is gross and wasteful, you don’t even use half these colors!”And so, I decided it was time to clean out my collection.

The OG bunch: a mix of random colors and random brands that I started receiving in about first grade.

The first ditch: I think I got this for my Bat Mitzvah, aka 4 years ago. The Color was really cool but I don’t really wear a lot of green, plus this chipped really easily. As you can see, the consistency of the polish is totally screwed up and not useable anymore

The next ditch: I was obsessed with this color, it is so vibrant and fun and always made my nails look so good. I went through a phase where I literally only wore this hot pink color. Alas, the consistency grew gross over time and the colors separated in the bottle.

All the garbage: These colors were all really old. The sparkle ones were super gloopy and gross and the colors had all separated. Some of them had dried out in the bottle and smelled really weird haha.

The keepers: As you can see, these colors are not as bright and are more known brands> i fully believed that more known brands are better quality in terms of nail polish. I like all these colors and actually do use them, plus it will be a lot easier to find them now that I don’t have to search through all the gross ones.



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