Lil bit of life

These past couple weeks have been so so crazy busy. I have so many posts I want to write for summer, but not enough time! I figured I would show you all what I’ve been doing when I’m not being bombarded with homework or stuck in work.

One of my jobs is helping to teach a hebrew class for 6th graders on Sundays. I’ve been doing it for the past couple years and it is so nice to see younger generations get into a religion I love. The classes have ended for the year so as a little thank you gift the woman I teach with gave me an amazon giftcard! I really do not buy that much on amazon but I think i’m going to invest in some books to read over the summer.

Ages and ages ago in January I received a polaroid camera for my birthday from my grandparents. I had been wanting one for so long and was really excited when I finally got one! Unfortunately, my grandma did not realize that cameras no longer come with film, so I was unable to use my polaroid.FINALLY I found the time to run to the camera store and pick up some film, I’m really excited to take cute polaroids!!

I also finally got around to buying the candle that I wanted from American Eagle. I mentioned it here in my Spring scents post. I have already burned a lot of it haha, but only because it is so good! It is light and summery and I’m super obsessed with pomegranates.

As you may remember I am going to two proms this year, since one already passed, i’m looking forward to my other! The dress I am wearing for this prom has spaghetti straps so I was in desperate need of a strapless bra. I found this one at Aerie and I’m really happy with it.

Last week I went to a school function at a community college near me that focused on arts. It was really fun and cool, but I was completely unaware I would be spending most of my time outside. I looked hella cute in my strappy tank top but I also got hella burnt on my chest and shoulders. I invested in some aloe lotion asap.

Finally, over the weekend I attended my very first live showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was absolutely amazing, bizarre, and incredible to see. I bought a cool sticker that advertises the show and gay pride, talk about cool stuff. If you haven’t seen Rocky Horror I absolutely recommend it, it was fantastic!

So that’s what’s been going on lately with me, hopefully I will be back to posting every other day soon!



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