The Little black dress

The little black dress has been an iconic wardrobe necessity since Audrey Hepburn started the trend. Since then it has been cut, bedazzled, painted, fringed, and everything in between. The lbd has become a wardrobe staple for high school students to celebrities. Though the little black dress obviously has to be “little” and “black” that doesn’t mean it has to be boring in any sense. Practically brand has come up with their own style of the lbd to suit every girl out there.

fx21 deep plunge                                                             fx21 crisscross

tillys spaghetti strap                                                                 tillys babydoll

zara shoulder cutouts                                                              zara sheer

h&m lace                                                                  h&m one shoulder

Lulu’s ruffles                                                              Lulu’s line cutouts

AA velvet                                                                          AA metallic



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