Citrus brush cleaner review 

After mentioning this brush cleaner in a bunch of other posts, I finally got around to doing my review! This product is so great and I am so happy I purchased it.

Applying: Take the bottle and spray like once or twice on an old washcloth. Rub the brushed bristles in it in a circular motion. You can literally see all the extra product coming off your brushes and your brushes will also look much cleaner after. The scent of the spray is really citrusy and sweet, so if you’re not into that it might be a little overwhelming. For the 3 brushes I used (foundation, blush and eye crease) I sprayed the towel about 5 times, and I think I over did it! You really don’t need that much product to fully clean your brushes meaning that it will probably last you a long time.

I think Sephora sells this in 3 sizes, and it ranges from $6.00-11.00. The website only sells the $11.00 one from what I can tell so if you want a smaller size/lower price I would buy it in store. I totally give this a 10/10!




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