Transitional pieces/outfit inspo

Transitioning from any season can be a struggle for your wardrobe. Luckily, there are some pieces that are great year round and practically made for transitioning for warm to to cold or vice versa.

As a general style try going short on top, long on bottom or vice versa. Sometimes my legs are cold, but sometimes my arms are, there’s really no telling. By wearing long-sleeves with shorts or pants with a tank, you can ensure that at least one part of your body will be the perfect temperature. Here’s some inspiration from pinterest!

A Denim jacket: These babies are your best friend, they can transform any outfit, go with any style, and are perfect for any season. Denim jackets can be any shade of denim, have any amount of sparkles or studs, and can be worn by any age woman (or man!). Every person should own a denim jacket, they are literally the most versatile piece of clothing ever! Plus, these babies are sold everywhere, forever 21urban outfitterslevi’s, and billions more stores.

Tights/leggings: You can put them under a dress, under a skirt, or ever under shorts. Tights and leggings have become super popular and have branched out from just plain colors. There are some really cool patterned tights and leggings you can find at stores like H&Mfrancesca’s, and foot traffic

High boots: The classic high boot with jeans look is always in, but there’s also the high boot with a skirt or dress look. High boots are so sleek and stylish, they can upgrade any outfit. Because they’re good all year round, I highly recommend getting a good quality pair at someplace like DSWNordstrom, or gojane

Cardigan with dress: Cardigans are perfect for any breezy day but pairing one with a dress gives off a more whimsical vibe. The cardi could be way longer than your dress, short and cropped, or a thick knit on top of a cotton dress. Cardigans are so versatile because they come in literally every color/print/fabric.You can probably find cardigans in any clothing store, but I thought anthropologiecharlotte russe, and target were some good places to start.



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