Shopping  haul

Since I got my job at the mall, I now spend excessive time at there, and since I have money now I feel the need to spend it haha. The things I bought were mostly things I needed though, plus I used gift-cards and coupons so woo!


I actually bought from the beauty steals sale that I talked about here, and am really happy with my purchases

Ulta Demi-Matte foundation: I’ve never used this product, but I love the Ulta brand so I’m excited to see how this works!

Ulta beauty automatic gel liner: I was really excited because I got this for $3 from the sales but I am a little disappointed. This liner smudges so easily and the tip does not stay sharp, my lines come out uneven and thick.

Sally Hansen salon effects: I mentioned getting these in my Spring wishlist post and I’m super excited about them! I’ll be putting them on for prom this Friday, and I can’t wait to do a review!

Eos: I’m a sucker for chapstick, what can I say?!



Citrus brush cleaner: I am so so excited to try this product. My friend recommended it to me and since I’m lazy about washing my brushes I’m looking forward to an easy way of cleaning them.

Liquid liner: Surprisingly I’ve never used liquid liner from sephora brand, but I love it! It was only $12 and so worth it. The composition of the liner is smooth and exact, my wings have never looked better!

Bath and bodyworks/White Barn

Lemoncello candle: I was seriously in need of spring/summer scented candles. I’m a huge fan of light citrus scents (and florals) plus lemons happen to be my favorite fruit, so this candle is perfect. Plus it came with match boxes! I happen to be really bad with matches unfortunately, but the aesthetic is so cute.

Pink Jasmine lotion: I finally ran out of all the travel sized lotions I took from hotels, and realized that a legitimately sized bottle of lotion was needed. I love wearing floral scents and this one is so light and springy.



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