Business casual is a standard for dressing people see practically everywhere in the business world. It doesn’t matter where you work, but a professional work place requires professional attire. I used to think that that meant plain black every day all day, talk about a snooze fest. Luckily I was introduced to the fashion forward side of business casual aka blazers, and my opinion on business attire has never been the same.

Some tips for buying a blazer

When getting a blazer it is super important to make sure it is lined, if it isn’t then the blazer will loose its shape quickly, making you look frumpy and a little cheap. Blazers can get kind of expensive, but having one that is quality and will last a long time is totally worth it.

The fabric of your blazer is also super important, go for more natural fabrics like cotton and wool instead of polyester, once again your blazer will last longer and look much more official.

There are plenty of cool patterns and colors you can get when buying a blazer, but since they’re so expensive you want to wear it multiple times a week. Neutrals are the way to go for blazers, plus that gives you more of an opportunity to wear cool pants and loud accessories!

Here are some stylish options I found online!









Banana Republic








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