Prom is in one month!!! This realization hit me like a truck the other day when I realized I still have so much to do. Though this is my first time going to prom, both my sisters have gone and many of my friends have too. Each family member and friend has given me many tips and tricks for preparing for prom, so I thought I’d share some with you!


I wash my face at least two times a day to keep bacteria minimal and my face feeling fresh. Now that there is a month to go I’ve started to use face masks weekly for a little something extra.


Along with your face, don’t forget about your chest and back! I hate to admit it but I tend to neglect my bacne because I can’t see it. However, my dress does expose my back so I want to feel secure with my skin showing. To help this, I exfoliate in the shower using face wash or exfoliater. Also, after every shower I rub acne remover pads on my back.

I recommend stridex or oxy


You should be doing this everyday!!! Moisturizing helps prevent wrinkles and keeps skin looking dewy and healthy. Along with your face, don’t forget about your neck! Even after a week of moisturizing your neck you see and feel the difference (I sound like an infomercial haha, but it’s true!).

Find a good lotion for your body too, after every shower moisturize your legs, arms, and wherever else you think is necessary. Your skin’s pores are more open when wet so it’s best to do this right after getting out of the shower. Once again your skin will look and feel healthier in a few days. There are so many places you can find a good lotion, find one that doesn’t weigh your skin down with the feeling of oil or scent.

Bath and body works brand , Body shop brand , Lush brand

Drink Water

Again, I’m really hoping this is an everyday thing for you, but if not, now is a good time to start! Water is good for your skin, your hair, and your body as a whole. A hydrated you is a happy you, so try to drink at least 2 bottles of water a day.

Stretch daily

Stretching is a great way to lightly tone your muscles and keep you feeling awake. It is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. Take 10-15 minutes of your day to touch your toes, roll your head, and arch your back, you will feel so so much better. You can even stretch at work or school! Underneath your desk simply cross one leg over the other so your ankle is on your knee (your leg should make a triangle) and apply a little pressure. When you’re home watching TV or reading a book sit in a straddle, try to touch your toes.

Makeup and hair practice

You are going to be taking so many pictures on prom, that it’s pretty necessary that you look completely amazing from every angle. Plan out what you want your hair and make up to be before the day of and practice it! Whether you’re getting professionally done or doing you makeup yourself, you’ll want to make sure that everything looks the way you want it to. Also, make sure the products don’t cause any damage on you hair or skin, the last thing you want is a huge rash or knotty hair. If you still can’t decide what you want your hair or makeup to look like, google it! People come up with beautiful hairstyles and makeup ideas that are pretty simply.

Break in your shoes

Prom involves lots of standing for pictures, dancing, and walking around to find your lost date (well ok maybe not the last one haha). If your feet are in pain, you are going to misrible the whole night, don’t debate it, you know it’s true. While there’s no way for your 4″ platforms to feel like your fluffy bunny slippers, there are plenty of way to prevent the aches/pains/blisters. Wear your shoes everyday around your house for about 5 minutes and walk around your house. Walk up and down stairs, on carpet, on wood, on tile, on grass, on everything, you want to be prepared for anything. Your shoes will loosen up and you will be way more comfortable walking in them, also buy some clear gel orthopedics at the drugstore, they help so much! If during the night you feel a blister forming, bring little bandages just in case.


Hope these tips were helpful!




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