FIT exhibits

One of my favorite things to do in the city whenever I go in is visit the exhibits at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Over my long weekend from school, I headed there to check out “Denim: Fashion’s Frontier” and “Fairy Tale Fashion”. I loved everything I saw an was completely inspired and astounded by the beautiful clothes. Every time I visit one of FIT’ s exhibits I learn more about fashion and gain even more respect for designers.

Denim: Fashion’s frontier

This exhibit featured the use of denim throughout time in all sorts of styles. Some of my favorites are the formal wear, play wear, and chic couture wear. I learned about the production of denim and its transition from men’s to woman’s wear. Also featured in the exhibit were classic jeans ads by Calvin Klein featuring Brooke Shields

Fairy Tale Fashion

I am obsessed with classic fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson, The Grimm brothers, Charles Perrault. This exhibit was an absolute dream, it took the classic stories we know and love and made them more exciting with a twist of their appearance. The costumes were rich and colorful and practically told the story themselves! I tried to pick a favorite but I’m honestly in love with all of them.

Finally, my friend and I headed to the Melt Shop where we treated ourselves to delicious grilled cheeses, cheesy tater tots, and milkshakes.


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