Like any other traditional OOTD I want to share with you guys some new pieces that I’ve added to my closet 

A few weeks ago I flew up to Canada (by myself!!) and I went on a little shopping spree.

Because of my schools dress code (khakis or skirt, button down shirt) it’s hard to wear the things I want to on a daily basis. 

My favorite piece from this outfit is the jacket. It has a suede feeling today and is so sleek and chic. It’s from Zara and when I shopped there in Canada it was my first time in the story which is crazy since they’re all over the place in the US.

My second new purchase was the pink skirt pictured here. It’s a bright fuschia with a houndstooth style print. The texture was so cool and the skirt was the perfect length. Not too short. 

Finally I topped it off with my new shoes. I’ve been dying to get these for a year now and I finally bought them while up in Canada. They’re the quilted Steve Madden slip on loafers. I would recommend wearing some form of docks with these kinds of shoes because without anything on it feels gross.

For hair I lightly curled my hair using my straightener. Eyes were a combination of using the Naked Basics 2 palette and some colors from Naked 3

That’s all for tonight!

Xoxo Sarah E.

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I'm 16 and I'm a Sephoraholic

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