Holiday Shopping 2015 Part 1

Hi readers!

Sorry it’s been forever since my last post. Short story: school basically took over my life (thanks ACTs and papers!!). Now I’m on break so expect a ton on fun holiday posts 😊😊

As most beauty addicts know the holidays are death for us. The amount of times I’ve walked into Sephora to buy gifts for friends turns into an hour long shopping spree leaving me broke. But hey a little shopping never killed anybody. 

Here’s just a sample of the tons of products I’ve bought this holiday season. 

I’ve gone to Urban Decay heaven

My collection is almost complete! I just need to get the original Naked palette but I currently have $0 to my name so I’ll have to wait for my next paycheck 

I’ve been wanting to get the Smokey palette for the longest time. It features such elegant shadows and of course are all sparkly because sparkles are a girls best friend (and so are diamonds)

The Naked Basics Palettes are perfect for school because these are neutral colors that are perfect for every day wear

I also purchased 2 Clinique products as well!

First I realized it was time for a new eyeliner and I suck at using pencil so I looked at Clinique’s liquid liners and this was their featured one. I’m so excited to try it πŸ™‚

The next product is a 24 hour wear mascara. I’m hoping this impresses me more than the Sephora brand one. I’m constantly going through the day with smudge marks under my eyes so I’m crossing my fingers that this one works 

For now that’s all!

Happy holidays bloggers

Xoxo Sarah E.

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