Wishlist of things I can’t afford

The holidays are coming up and my Hanukkah list is getting longer by the minute. While most people only make on list, I make two…but one is of all things I can’t afford. Sounds dumb right? Wrong, it’s fun and liberating to make a list of wonderful objects that you would use in your dream life. When I make this list I don’t worry about price because I know none of it is in my budget, but I think it’s fun to make a list and imagine walking around carrying expensive items. Enjoy!

Miu Miu

These sunglasses are pink and sparkly, what could be bad?!





Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs and Disney collaboration, I think yes.









These sneakers have edge and sass, I love everything about them


Louis Vuitton

The shape and style of this bag is so classy and chic. It also came in black but I’m really digging the pink and gold trend that’s going on.
louis-vuitton-volta-taurillon-leather-soft-leather--M50257_PM2_Front view






I’ve been eyeing these purse charms since they were fist introduced in the line. I think they’re so cute and funky. Plus, this one looks like Karl Lagerfeld!!


Zac Posen

Ok this is the third light pink thing I have on this list, but this dress is just so cool. Zac Posen is one of my most favorite designers ever and this plus the rest of his spring line is to die for.







Look at these, just look at them. These are the hottest shoes I’ve ever seen in my life. If I had these shoes, I would wear them everyday. EVERYday.





Betsey Johnson

Another one of my all time favorite designers. She is just so fun and sweet, I love how classy and cool this dress is.






Nicole Miller

The edge of this shirt is so funky, it takes patchworking to a new level.








Kate Spade

I love haw tailored and sleek this dress looks, the fabric looks so expensive and reminds me of a suit, but in dress form.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.23.42 AM

This list will probably grow in like two days, but these are my top faves for now. Now if any of you are feeling generous, feel free to buy any of these items for me! Haha, what’s on your wishlist?



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