It is November first and the transition from Halloween to thanksgiving has already begun! Despite that, I was super proud of my costume this year, so I decided I would share. My best friend and I wanted to do something together and since we both love Disney, we decided to be Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Both of these costumes were simple to create, but had great end results.

I simply took a plain pink t shirt (Tj maxx) and sewed with black thread straight across (not going through to the other side obviously). This gave the striped effect of Piglets sweater. I then wore black leggings (garage) to keep warm and on top some light pink soccer socks (sports authority) and a pink sparkly tutu (party city) for some fun. Last, I made my own ears using a plain brown stretchy headband (cvs) and sewed little pink triangles of felt (michaels) on. IMG_7512

My friend’s costume was basically the same as mine, just in red and yellow not pink. She wore soffe shorts underneath her tutu instead of leggings because she doesn’t get cold as easily as I do. She too bought her socks at sports authority and tutu at party city, and used felt to make her ears.


Our costume was a total success and we go so many compliments! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!



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