braids & eyes

A few weeks ago I went to my cousin’s wedding and unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of my outfit for the actually wedding and my makeup (which I was very proud of so go me :).  Anyways, I was able to find some pictures from the Saturday night rehearsal dinner of my hair and makeup which was still pretty cool.

Saturday morning I flew into Toronto and had kept my hair in braids for the past 2 days.  So by the time I took it out for the dinner it was fairly wavy and with a little hairspray it stayed that way (PSA: Loving the new Tresemme hairspray, it keeps my hair in place without making it stiff πŸ™‚


For the party I decided to try this new braid I had been thinking of doing (also if you haven’t noticed I’m totally in love with braids)  It’s a combination of a lace braid and a dutch braid.  It takes hair from the top of my head but I braid it in under instead of over and I was thrilled with the result.  Not gonna lie but I decided to use my curling wand on my hair before I started braiding just so it would hold throughout the night.  I use Remington’s curling wand fyi (expect a hair tools post soon!!)

So this was the result of the braid.. Any thoughts? Also if you have any suggestions for me to try out I will totally take you up on that


For makeup I decided to go with a softer eye look, that way I could wear a darker lip color (which I can’t remember right now, whoops)



I used my Naked 3 Palette that night.  I used the color Bootycall all over my lid and then put the color Limit in my crease.  After applying those two color I used my blending brush (from Stila) to soften my crease line.  For my outer v I used Burnout, which is a gold flecked color and it worked really well with the other shadows.

Xoxo Sarah E.

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