L’Oréal Eyeliner Review

One of my all time favorite drugstore brands is L’Oréal .  I mostly buy there eyeliner, some of which I love and others that were disappointing.  The three eyeliner types I’ve used are from the Infallible collection, the Lineur Intense collection, and the Telescopic Precision collection. All three have similar tips for application but they work better for different kinds of styles.

The Telescopic Precision is a waterproof eyeliner and it works really well.  I tend to cry when I laugh (which happens a lot!) so it’s perfect to use on a daily basis.  The only problem is that the waterproof formula will stick to your lashes if it’s not applied properly.  This means that you have to close one eye when you apply it. Overall it’s pretty easy to use but you if you’re applying mascara after give the eyeliner a few minutes to dry because it will smudge


The Lineur Intense Liner is probably one of my all time favorites.  It was the first liquid eyeliner that I bought back in 2012.  Oh those 7th grade days (#yikes).  Let’s just say those weren’t my finest days when it came to hair and makeup.  Picture a 5’0 brunette with frizzy straightened hair and eyeliner that was choppier than waves during high tide.  Seriously though, this stuff is great for beginners and with enough practice you can do some pretty cool tricks.  If you’re a crier when you laugh (like me) just be warned that this stuff will come off easily.  Other than that I give it 2 thumbs up.


The Infallible Collection is something I started using pretty recently.  Like it says in the name it’s very slim, which makes it easy to do small lines.  The only issue with this one is that you need to press it down on something before you use it on your eyes.  It’s typically dry on the first swipe but after that you can go to town.

Anyways that’s all for now.  Hope you all are having a fantastic start to fall!

xoxo Sarah E.

p.s. these are all fairly cheap, about 8 or 9 dollars (which isn’t bad for good quality makeup!)


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