Night Time Eye Makeup

hi readers!

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. Unfortunately school is starting this week *sobs* so I have to finish summer work πŸ˜’

Today I decided to a nighttime look. Ignore the eyebrows they’re a work in progress 😁

This was actually similar to makeup that I had done for a friend’s sweet sixteen a couple months ago. It was a smokey eye that was silver though.

For the eyeshadow combo I used a palette from Revlon that I got from a cousin who actually works at the company!

It’s from Revlon’s Colorstay collection in 555 Moonlit. They have many different color options for this palette so there’s something for everyone.

Side note: to prime my eyes I used a sample of urban decay’s anti aging primer in nude 

Here are the four steps I used for creating the look (I just followed the instructions on the back of the palette)

1) take a medium sized brush and apply the medium brown in right corner. Instead of stroking it across your eyelid dab it on. It keeps the eyeshadow from falling under your eyes. It’s a really pretty color and it’s dark but not like black 

2) use a small brush and apply the tan color to your crease line. Apply enough to make it pop against the shimmery brown. Then take a blending brush and smooth it out.

For blending I use my Paula Dorf brush 

 any blending brush would work. Personally I would put some money into a high quality brush, maybe something from sephora (my favorite on the planet)

3) take the same small brush and apply the darker brown to your outer corner. Dab it on like in the first step until it’s dark enough to your satisfaction. Then use a blending brush and blend into your crease

4) this is optional and I don’t always do this but take a larger brush and apply the shimmery white under your eyebrow to your crease. 

For eyeliner I did a small wing with my l’oreal cream eyeliner. It came with an eyeliner brush so I’ve been using that 

For my eyelashes I decided to skip mascara and just curl them

Except some back to school outfit posts this week!

Xoxo Sarah E.




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