Fall is coming! That means darker colors, thicker fabrics, more textures, and my favorite; Knits. There is so much you can do with knits, there are tons of colors, styles, and textures for basically any item of clothing. Plus, they’re an easy way to keep warm, while staying stylish. I happen to be an avid knitter, bu even if you aren’t there are plenty of stores to buy great knitwear.

Sweater: The most classic knit article on this planet, yet still super stylish. There are tons of different knit sweaters you can buy, and they’re sold almost everywhere!






f21 sweater
Forever 21 $19.90






Scarf: So versatile, so cozy, and so chic. What else could you need?

Hand knit, ribbed stitch. Yarn from Joanne fabrics

Hat/Beanie: My new obsession. I started knitting these and I can’t stop! Not to mention all the ones that I’ve bought in stores. My head will forever be happy in the winter.

Top left: hand knit with pattern, yarn from Joanne fabrics Top right: ??? I found this in my closet 🙂 Bottom left: Ramesy Outdoor store, Ramsey NJ Bottom right: Charlotte Russe

Tank: Ok, so this is a little out of season compared with the others, but hey just pair it with a flannel and you’re good to go!

Garage $15.00
Garage tank with tank sweater vest
Kohls $16.00
Tank with plaid flannel (this flannel is like 100 years old, i got it from my dad lol)

Cardigan: Easy, breezy, comfy, cozy. Basically a sweater, but there are even more options! Cardigans are the easiest way to layer and add excitement to your outfit, while still staying practical.

Laila Rowe
Urban Outfitters $59.00

Hope I got you all super psyched for fall!



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