Eyeliner is my favorite tool to use in my everyday makeup look. I have been obsessed with it for a while and have now acquired a list of favorites and least favorites. Eyeliner is super easy to do, so i hope this critique of brands helps!

Bare Minerals, Liner shadow/Eyeliner: Mesmerized. (Using Mary Kay signature eyeliner/Eyebrow brush)

This is my only powder liner and i really like it. With an angled brush, it goes on smoothly. Make sure to put a lot on the brush for a really pronounced, visible look. You can make a wing with this, I recommend using the side of the brush to make it even on both eyes. I wouldn’t recommend using this for your waterline because it can easily flake off in your eyes. You can easily take this off with remover, but it can get a little smudgy so make sure you get it all off.


$14.00 bareescentuals.com
Benefit they’re real push-up liner, Lash hugging gel/gel liner pen:Brown

I actually got this liner as a free gift with a purchase from Ulta. It took a little getting used to, and it gets a little clumpy if you get too close to your lashes. I’m not really crazy about the brown, but I think if I had it in black I would like it better. This one really doesn’t work for your waterline or for making wings. It stays on really well and may take a little longer to take off.


$24.00 Benefitcosmetics.com
Covergirl, liquilineblast: Black Fire

For beginners! This is absolutely the easiest eyeliner I have ever used, It is so smooth and only takes a light touch. If you’re doing a wing, go over it a couple times so it shows clearly. it has a smudge stick at the other end, which works pretty well, but I’m not big on the smudged look. This one stays really well on your waterline too. My only problem with it, is that it takes a while to take off. It usually takes remover and water to take off.


$7.99 covergirl.com
Stila, stay all day/waterproof liquid eyeliner: intense black

Favorite eyeliner ever. This liquid goes on so easily, you can do so many neat details with it. It is absolutely worth the cost because it has this cool spring thing in the cap so the liquid stays good for longer. It has outlasted all the other liquid liners I have bought before, I use it everyday for a simple wing or just a line. Never put liquid on your waterline! If you make a mistake just use water to swipe it away then restart (with a dry surface of course). Once you get it perfect, leave it for about a minute and it will last the whole day. A simple remover cleans it off in minimal time with minimal effort.

b3b929f1-f2df-405d-8af4-418862e551e8 $22.00 stilacosmetics.com
Maybelline,Eye studio/ Master precise/Ink pen:Black

I just bought this one, so I’m not totally sure what I think of it. It goes on smoothly, but it smudges really easily. The pen is really thin so it’s good for wings, I don’t know how long it will last yet since I’ve only had it for a few weeks. Not good for waterline, but I hope you knew that already.


$7.99 Maybelline.com
All these products can also be bought at Ulta/Ulta.com. The Covergirl and Maybelline are both sold in basic drugstores too. Hope you found this helpful!



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One thought on “Eyeliner

  1. I love pen liners since I find them so easy to apply and make a cat eye from! I use the scandal eyes eye liner. There is a picture of it in my most recent post on my blog 🙂 x


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