#TBT to the 90s….

Over the past year or so I’ve noticed a big 90s trend making a comeback.  Yup the era of… The choker! Personally I ❤️ chokers. They’re so cool and can totally upgrade your outfit. I recently bought one and it just came in the mail the other day. I’ve been wearing it nonstop! For months I’ve been looking for a simple black stretchy choker. Some stores like Forever 21 for example have choker necklaces with charms as opposed to the classic style. 

$3.90 from Forever 21
  This is a choker I found on Forever 21’s website (I might be slightly addicted to online window shopping).
$5 from Brandy Melville
This is the choker that I just got. It’s from Brandy Melville, a store that I’ve always heard about but never looked at. It’s only $5 dollars so it’s super affordable. They also have tons of cute tops and accessories!

Happy last month of summer ☀️😀

xoxo, Sarah E.


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