Mini Makeover

New York City is such a fabulous place to be, there is always something happening! The other day, I was on my way home, when I decided to stop in Time Square for a look around. I was immediately drawn to the Sephora, and made my way in.

Inside, it was super crowded, as I expected, but something new was going on. Clinique, Vanity Fair, and Sephora were sponsoring free mini makeovers along with a photo booth shoot! Of course I had to be a part of it, so I hopped into a chair and waited for an employee to give me a new look.

I decided I was only going to have my eyebrows done, and I was so happy with the results. I have dark hair and I keep my eyebrows plucked, but they still looked a little messy. The woman introduced me to two Clinique products that made a world of a difference!

She first used the “Super fine liner for brows” in Deep Brown to fill in the gaps, then used the “Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse” in Deep Brown to hold the hairs in place. M brows looked thicker, more defined, and much neater. Both products come in multiple shades, so check it out! You can find both products on the Sephora website:

Just browsing brush-on styling mousse, $16.50
Superfine liner for brows, $16.00



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