Italy pt. 1: Souvenirs

Ciao! I just got back from Italy and I have so much to share! I had never been there before and it was so incredible. Their culture is so rich and interesting and I got to experience so much of it. My trip was through a traveling group, we went to Verona, Murano, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Assisi, Rome,Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri. It was  a lot, but it was so worth it.

Because so much happened on the trip, I’m going to do a small post each day for the next week or so about my experience there. As the first post, I’ll show you all the souvenirs I got because let’s face it, buying stuff is so fun. 🙂


Here I bought hand-blown glass pieces from a store right on the water since Murano is known for its glass blowing. The colors and details are so amazing and I am amazed by each piece I saw and bought.a1e006fe-e2ca-465b-a9c2-baefda4c2bfe


This is a hand made lace piece from the shop of a famous lace factory.The shop was covered with beautiful lace pieces, all stitched to perfection by hand. I plan on using this piece to put on a dress that I make soon.



Florence is filled with a unique culture, and I defiantly bought my coolest souvenir here. In leather and jewelry shop, I bought a puzzle promise ring, or “Turkish wedding ring”. It is silver with 4 intertwining bands, and when taken off, it falls apart! It was given to women in the Renaissance  so their husbands would know if they were unfaithful or not. It took me a little while to learn the puzzle, but I figured it out!5f524be8-423f-405c-9ffb-ed9638eae16a13cd252b-6306-43d6-b65b-dc3c0c0215a6


Being the capital of Italy, Rome is so full of culture and history, it is a huge tourist spot for a reason! I bought a pack of of 20 post cards to remind me of all the beautiful architecture and history I was exposed to and I can’t wait to send some around to my friends and family.1801d9f9-3b81-4db9-b136-852090355cda

Also here was an amazing olive oil store where i bought fresh pasta and the pest pesto I have ever tasted. I sampled some truffle oil, but i’m not a big fan of mushrooms haha, and I had the olive oil but I was too scared to put it in my suitcase to buy it. I am so excited to make an Italian meal with the pesto and pasta, it’s going to be amazing!6f735354-1158-4154-ab67-40316105ceee


The city of Pompeii is known for the volcano that erupted over it in 79 A.D. Since then, a little tourist town was founded, and it was here that I went to a cammei demonstration and shop. Cammei is made from the layers of shells and is sculpted into beautiful faces and designs. The artistry behind it is so breathtaking and this necklace is something I will treasure forever.d0c91dea-a1df-4433-a71b-f4544e2271f4


The city of Sorrento is absolutely obsessed with lemons. On every street you could find at least 10 stores selling items that were somehow related to lemons. The whole town smelled so fresh, which was my favorite part, so I bought these little soaps to remind me of the citrus filled city.f4a5d6c3-c8a0-4eef-940b-70aca61d6ad7

Also here I bought this cute little tile that I will hang in my kitchen. It will give my house more culture and fun, plus the colors are so bright making the simplicity of it perfect.d9c7ff58-4497-4ce4-83f4-7296d33ebec5


Ok, this looks really lame and weird, but you can’t judge unless you’ve tried these. Paprika Pringles are for some reason not sold in America which sucks because they’re the best chips I’ve ever had. You can buy them in about every rest stop in Italy, as well as in the rest of Europe. I guess I’ll have to go back soon, because these aren’t gonna last long!


None of my purchases were really big, but I think each one represents the city that I bought it it, which is what means the most to me. Buona sera!



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