DIY: cut clothing

Scissors can easily be your best tool for creating something new. You can cut shirts, skirts, pants, and basically any article of clothing to make it a little more original. There are tons of patterns you can find online, or you can make you own! Here are a few pieces of clothing that I have transformed just using scissors!

0426f848-d89a-4cfe-9a33-fea5ec4b6323 Shorts: I made these shorts from a pair of jeans, this is a really basic transformation that a lot of people do, and it’s great because it means you can keep your clothes longer! If you have  a pair of jeans that gets to short, cut off the legs and turn them into shorts! The frayed edges are easy to get by putting them in the wash a few times. I made the holes by taking cutting a few f5302208-5cd4-4f09-9e77-dba08107db4cslits in the fabric then used tweezers to take all the blue threads out. It was time-consuming, but totally worth it! I attached a link to the video I used.




Tank top, cut and designed: This was originally a plain whit t-shirt that I used the diagram to make into a tank top, just make sure you make everything even and mark where you want to cut before you put scissors to it. Next, to make the center part I cut up squares of black fabric. I then layered them on top of each other to get the feathered look. I used a sewing machine to get all the pieces together, if you are using a hand needle, i recommend doing bigger squares one at a time. Last, I bought an iron on patch from Etsy, it says “Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters” (that’s from X-men for all you who aren’t into superheroes). Anyway, I really love this shirt, and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it!

Tank top, tye-dye: This shirt also started out as a plain white t-shirt, but as you can see, I tye-dyed it! I’m not going to explain that here, bu if you want, I can make another post about it another time. (tell me in the comments!). Anyhoo, I cut the sleeves and the bottom off, the bottom I cut rounded so it has a different flow. I left the neckline the same, so it’s a little higher. Then using a piece from the bottom that I cut off, I used a fabric marker to write on it (groovy seemed appropriate seeing as though it’t tye-dye). Last, I sewed it on the back like a sort of patch, I used my sewing machine for this too and it’s pretty fancy so the stitches are actually little flowers!     0b82f239-7869-4ac1-98f4-2d20d669e47548ef13ee-174f-492b-9f88-cfe5ab460aa5

Tank top, cut back: I actually found the design for this cut online. It was reallyfdd3b764-b5b5-4a9c-968c-15ea34b0f8ff easy and didn’t take long at all. I cut off the sleeves, using the same diagram, then used chalk to mark out where I wanted the slits. Something to keep in mind is how many slits you want, how much of your back you want exposed, and the width of the slits/how far apart you want them to be. After marking by drawing horizontal lines of different sizes, (mine 64e23317-57e9-4967-9aca-50411a37dc90were smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside), cut only on the slits and voila!



The Etsy shop I bought the patch from was JennisPrints

Diagram used for cutting basic tank:




Happy creating everyone!



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