Summer reads



Summer is such a great time to read all those books you never had time to read during the school year. Take advantage of the long plane rides, days at the beach, or lazy days at home to pick up a good read and get lost in a new world. To get you started, here are a few of my favorite books! IMG_4859

Lock and Key, by Sarah Dessen: Ok, so if you’ve read one Sarah Dessen book, then you’ve read them all, but they’re just so addicting! Her writing is really good and even though most of her books follow the same plot line, the characters and writing is strong. This is great for bringing to the beach or sitting out by the pool.


Fashion House, by Megan Hess: I just bought this booIMG_4861k and I am totally in love! The whole thing is beautiful pictures with little descriptions of them. Sound boring right? Wrong. The pictures are of real or made up famous people who live in glamorous rooms with fabulous outfits. This is great for the aspiring fashion designer (me!) or interior designer.




Dog on it, by Spencer Quinn: If you’re looking for a thriller/mystery book AND love dogs, then this is the book for you! The book follows a private investigator and his dog as they search for a missing girl. It’s funny with lovable charactersIMG_4860 and some really intense details. This will keep you on your toes or, haha, paws (sorry tried to be punny) and is great to get lost in when all your friends are in Bermuda.




New York, by Edward Rutherfurd: This was a summer reading book for me last year, and like all the ones before it, I dreaded having to crack it open. For once though, I was pleasantly surprised! The story mixes fictional characters with historical figures and family matters with  revolutionary events. The book takes place starting in 1664 (before the English settled) and goes up until 2009, pretty cool right?! I’m not even a huge history buff and I still loved it. Though it is pretty big, I guarantee you it’s worthIMG_4863 it, and maybe you’ll even be more interested in American history! (maybe…?)






Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K Rowling: Yes I know this is the third in the series, but it’s my favorite so whatever. If you haven’t read the Harry Potter series yet then I highly recommend you do that this summer. So once you’re all caught up with the first two, take time to really enjoy this one. It’s the last one that’s not monster huge, but also introduces my favorite characters and has the best back story involved. The movie does not do it justice if that’s what you were thinking, soIMG_4862 watch that after. After reading this one please, please finish the series, it’s so worth it.

(Side note, I’ve read this book more than 10 times…)



Taking the Lead, by Derek Hough: For those of you who don’t know, Derek Hough is the face of 5 mirror balls on Dancing with the Stars, an Emmy Award winner for “outstanding choreography”, and boyfriend to me! (Jk about the last one :/). Anyway, this is his biography which I actually got signed by him at a book signing (!!!!!!). He talks about how dance helped him see his life clearly and basic biography stuff like that. Though it’s not groundbreaking writing, it’s still fun and pretty inspiring. I really liked reading about his life anIMG_4864d have to say, I felt motivated to live a slightly different lifestyle because of it. Plus, it was a total honor to meet him and get a hug from him (swoon).




So, that’s my summer reading list for you all! Get comfy and crack open those books, tell me what you think!

xoxo, Sarah. A

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